Friday, February 11, 2011

Planning trip to Florida

When we went we took SFO-Orlando-SFO flight. Stayed in Orlando for 2 days then drove from Orlando to Key west. On way went to Miami south beach and everglades national park. Then spend 2 days in Key west. Orlando to Miami is approx 3-4 hours drive and Miami to Key west is another 3-4 hours.

Orlando -
First day we went to Epcot ( which is worth going to. It has small sets from different countries around the world. You can try world food and drinks.
Second day we went to Cape Canaveral - JFK Space Center which is space museum ( Cape Canaveral is about 1 hour drive from Orlando. And in end of Feb they have LAST shuttle launch scheduled which draws huge crowds so check that schedule.
Disney world is also there but mostly for kids and we have been to one in San Diego. :)
Look for park tickets online since there are good deals available. Also check in Costco they also have package deals. (I booked via AAA). Orlando we stayed at a friends place but there are many hotel options. Try to stay close to Disney downtown (all parks are around it)
Miami - South beach is THE place in miami. Good beaches so u can spend some time on way to key west. have food etc. we spent couple of hours there
Everglades national park - it is on way from Miami to Key west ( They have small zoo and air boat rides (which is awesome). Spent about 3-4 hours here

Key west - in key west hotels r expensive so we stayed in banana bay resort Marathon, FL ( Hotel is old but ok. Booked room for $67/day. They have pool side tiki bar and live music in eve . Key west is about 50 mins drive from here. In key west we did para sailing, glass boat ride, scuba diving with Fury adventures. (check their website they have a package for everything They have AAA discount.

This schedule was little hectic specially since we drove from Orlando to Key west and went to other places on the way. But the trip was totally worth money and time spent.

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